Birkbeck University of London Scholarships 2025 In UK (Funded)

Birkbeck University of London Scholarships 2025 For International Students:

At Birkbeck, scholars and researchers collaborate through a variety of networks, organisations, and organisations. These transcend departments, disciplines, and specialisations to promote and facilitate creative, trans-disciplinary research.

For almost 200 years, Birkbeck has assisted individuals in transforming their lives and gaining access to higher education. Its past is remarkable, unorthodox, and radical. Also apply for Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship 2025-2026 In UK (Fully Funded).


  • University: Birkbeck University of London.
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate & Masters Degree.
  • Scholarship coverage: Funded.
  • Eligible nationalities: All Nationalities.
  • Country of award: United Kingdom.

Deadline For Application:

The deadline for Application to apply for Birkbeck University of London Scholarships 2025 First deadline: 31 May 2024. Second deadline: 15 July 2024 (1 August 2024 for Sub Saharan Africa only).

Financial Benefits:

The following award sums are offered to recipients of Birkbeck International Scholarships:

  • £4000 (first year only; tuition only)
  • £2000 (first year only; tuition only)
  • £1500 (first year only; tuition only)
  • £1000 (first year only; tuition price only).

General conditions and terms: There cannot be more than one full scholarship awarded at the same time (e.g. Chevening). Once you are chosen for the scholarship, you have two weeks to finish paying the £2000 non-refundable deposit.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following prerequisites must be met in order for a candidate to be eligible for a Birkbeck International Scholarship:

  • English is the required language.
  • Countries in Africa (Sub-Saharan) that qualify Asia includes the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Caribbean, South America, and East and Central Asia.
  • You have an unconditional offer to enrol in a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme at Birkbeck, beginning in the fall of 2023, as an international student who pays the abroad tuition cost. To be eligible,
  • you have to have been evaluated as an overseas fee-payer.
  • You typically dwell in a nation inside the pertinent region.
  • You pay for yourself.
  • You are categorised as a payer of tuition fees who is “international.”
  • A student may only receive one scholarship award, and it is typically not possible to combine this prize with another one.
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Application Process:

If you would want to apply for a Birkbeck International Scholarship, please follow these steps:

  • Use this link to apply to the university and review the general admission requirements.
  • After receiving an unconditional offer from Birkbeck, you can apply online by filling out the form specific to your home region.
  • The selection of successful scholars will be based on a statement supporting the application that is no more than 4,000 characters. In the statement, they should explain why they are the best person to get the scholarship.
  •  You will receive an email notifying you if you are the recipient of this scholarship. The £200 non-refundable deposit must be paid by the deadline indicated on your award letter, which is often five working days.
  • To be eligible for the award, you must successfully register for the Autumn 2024 intake by October 8, 2024, at the latest.
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