ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Program 2025 In Europe (Fully Funded)

ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Program 2025 For International Students:

International students from all around the world who are interested in conducting postdoctoral research in neuroscience and multiple sclerosis are welcome to apply for the ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Programme. The program’s goals are to increase information sharing and contribute to the development of a pool of highly qualified research scientists with an emphasis on MS-related problems. At first, it’s anticipated that a number of fellowships will be given out annually.

The ECTRIMS Research Fellowship is a programme focused on conducting research. In collaboration with the fellowship mentor at the host institution, prospective fellows must choose and present a compelling basic, clinical, or applied research topic to be carried out during the fellowship time.
Candidates seeking a study fellowship experience in any field of MS-related research—basic, applied, or clinical—in any suitable specialist region are eligible to apply. Also apply for Maxwell King PhD Scholarship 2025 In Australia (Fully Funded).


  • Offered by: ECTRIMS.
  • Degree level: Postdoctoral Degree.
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded.
  • Eligible nationality: All Nationalities.
  • Award country: Europe.

Deadline For Application:

The deadline for Application to apply for ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Program 2025 is December 1, 2024.

Financial Benefits:

The ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship recipient is eligible for the following benefits:

  • Each fellow will receive a salary of €55,000 per year from the fellowship.
  • The selected candidate’s economy round-trip transportation from home to the training site will also be covered by ECTRIMS; family members’ travel expenses are not covered.
  • The host institution—which will be regarded as the fellow’s employer—will receive payment from ECTRIMS. The host institution will pay the fellow’s stipend in accordance with its own payment schedules and rules. After submitting receipts to ECTRIMS, the fellow may get direct reimbursement for travel costs incurred in order to relocate to the training site.
  • The fellow’s stipend, or “salary,” must be paid by the institution using the ECTRIMS grant at the rate that corresponds to the fellow’s training level. The remaining prize money, if any, may be utilised to finance institutional social benefits (health insurance, pensions, and other benefits) that the institution may need.
  • The institution or mentor must augment the ECTRIMS award to meet all necessary costs if the total stipend plus benefits exceeds the amount granted by the award.
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Other Benefits

  • The host institution must specify the expected fellow’s annual gross pay as well as the anticipated fellow’s total out-of-pocket social benefit expenses.
  • Additional funding sources that will be used to fulfil the overall costs must be specified if the yearly or prorated ECTRIMS award is insufficient to cover the fellow’s whole needed expenditures (salary plus benefits).
  • It is anticipated that the mentor and/or host institution will fund the actual research that is conducted there.
  • During their fellowship, fellows will be expected to present their supported research at a young researcher’s section or another venue, as well as to attend the annual ECTRIMS Congresses. ECTRIMS will pay for travel and lodging expenses independently of conference participation.

Documents Required:

  • A condensed, five-page curriculum vitae and bibliography for the candidate. The “biographical sketch” form supplied by ECTRIMS, which is accessible through the online fellowship application system, must be used.
  • A completed online application that can be accessed on the website of ECTRIMS.
  • Career plans of the applicant (not to exceed one page).
  • A overview of the research project abstract, limited to 250 words.
  • A description of the study effort, including figures, tables, and references, should not exceed six pages.
  • Proof of the applicant’s proficiency in the native tongue (such as a certificate).

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be considered for an ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, candidates need to fulfil the necessary requirements:

  • Language requirements: In accordance with the host institution’s policies.
  • All nations across the world are eligible.
  • The advanced degree(s) must have been awarded to the candidates before the fellowship began.
  • Fellows must have completed no more than a year of postdoctoral training at the same host institution or mentor at the time of application. At the time of application, more senior candidates may have no more than five years of total postdoctoral experience beyond their final degree (PhD, MD, ScD, or equivalent).
  • Physicians and scientists who possess or are pursuing an MD, PhD, ScD, or a comparable professional degree are qualified.
  • Successful candidates will typically be under 40 when they apply; however, there may be exceptions in some rare situations.
  • It is crucial that mentors and candidates both attest to the fact that language barriers won’t interfere with the training process.
  • Although individuals of all countries are eligible to apply, postdoctoral research training must be finished in a laboratory or clinic in Europe.
  • While it is not necessary, it is preferred that the fellow find employment at his or her original home institution as soon as feasible after the fellowship period. Comprehensive career plans for after the fellowship must be included with the application.
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Application Process:

To apply for the ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Programme, please complete the steps listed below:

  • Click “Apply Now” and proceed to create an account.
  • Complete the application.
  • By December 1st, the following extra materials must be electronically provided to You cannot send these in with the materials specified in the second step; instead, you must turn them in as private documents.
    Please ensure that the applicant’s NAME appears clearly on each page of the letters from the referees.

    • From the educational facility:
      • Should a fellowship be granted, a letter of support from the department chair (or another appropriate institutional representative) at the suggested host institution accepting the proposed fellow.
      • Verification that the training facility has accepted the ECTRIMS fellowship’s terms and associated costs. The required form can be accessed through the online application system; the candidate needs to send it to the institution so that it can be filled out and sent to ECTRIMS.
    • From the proposed mentor: A letter endorsing the proposed mentor, emphasising their interactions with the fellow and the suggested study plan in particular. Included should be a condensed, five-page current curriculum vitae and bibliography for the suggested mentor. It is recommended to use the “biographical sketch” form for the online fellowship application procedure.
      The candidate needs to forward this form to the mentor.
    • From other referees: Three or more letters of recommendation, either from the proposed fellow’s home institution or from another, attesting to the fellow’s qualifications and chances of success in a research and/or clinical career. The suggested fellow’s degree mentor should send one of these letters. If appropriate, a letter from the fellow’s home institution detailing the fellowship position that will become available at the end of the term and the fellow’s welcome back policy.
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