(Fully Funded) Honjo International Scholarship 2024-25 in Japan

Honjo International Scholarship 2024-25 for International Students:

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan is now accepting applications for the Honjo International Scholarship 2024-25, which offers fully funded scholarships to international students from all over the world to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at one of Japan’s top universities.

Nearly all academic fields and majors are available for study in Masters or Doctoral Degrees. No application fee to apply for scholarships for international students studying in Japanese graduate schools.

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to students studying in any academic discipline from any country or region in the globe who have the potential to become excellent leaders and contribute to the peaceful development of the global community. Also apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship 2024 In China (Fully Funded)


  • Offered by: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation.
  • Degree Level: Masters Degree and PhD Degree.
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded.
  • Eligible nationalities: All Nationalities
  • Country of award: Japan.

Deadline For Application:

The deadline for Application to apply for Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2024-2025 is 30th April 2024.

Financial Benefits:

The Honjo International award in Japan is a fully funded international graduate award for students from all around the world. The scholarship will provide a monthly stipend sufficient to cover all expenditures associated with completing your degree. Details are as follows:

  • Monthly salary of ¥210,000 for a one to two-year degree
  • ¥190,000 per month for three-year degree.
  • Monthly tuition is ¥160,000 for a 4- to 5-year degree.

Documents Required:

To apply for the Honjo International Scholarship 2024 in Japan, you must submit the documents listed below via an online application system.

  • Please include an academic transcript (in Japanese or English, with a translation for other languages).
    • Academic transcript for undergraduate course (required). If you transferred to the university from the College of Technology (kōsen school system), your transcript is also required.
    • If you do not have a graduate school transcript, you do not need to submit one.
  • Proposed research topic: Use the provided template (click here) to write in Japanese. We want applicants to describe:
    • What are you going to investigate?
    • What and how will you offer to your home nation based on what you’ve learnt or studied in Japan?
    • What are your accomplishments in terms of research, academics, and social activities?
  • A reference letter from the supervisor: Please obtain a recommendation letter that describes the applicant’s academic performance, personal attributes appraisal, future potential, and so on. The student can also obtain a reference letter from his or her previous supervisor in his or her home country, provided the recommender is more familiar with his or her academic background. The number of pages and formats are not specified, however please provide a translation if the document is written in a language other than English or Japanese.
  • Entrance documents, such as an entrance letter, acceptance letter, and so on. Please upload the enrolment certificate only if the student has already enrolled in graduate school.
      • If the admission letter or acceptance letter is not ready before April 30, 2024, please provide the most likely date available in the “web application system”. Also, send it to the HISF office by email as soon as it is accessible. It should be noted that the web application system will no longer be accessible after April 30, 2024.
      • Open all document envelopes to upload as PDF files using the “scholarship web application system,” even if they are marked “Confidential” or “Invalid if opened.”
      • A reference letter provided by email or mail by a recommended is acceptable. In that instance, upload a PDF file with the text “A letter is sent directly.” A letter is sent to info@hisf.or.jp.
      • Photocopies can also be uploaded.
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Eligibility Criteria:

To be qualified to apply for the Honjo International Scholarship 2024-25 You must meet the following requirements:

  • The pupil who doesn’t have Japanese citizenship
  • The student must be enrolled or presently applying for an academic course beginning in September or October 2024 at a graduate institution in Japan. Those who are already enrolled and those who are not yet enrolled (including those who are still employed at the time of application) are both eligible to apply for this scholarship if they plan to join in September or October 2024. Those planning to enter graduate school in Spring 2025 should apply for the 2024 programme, which will take applications from September 1 to October 31, 2024 (planned).
  • At general, a student enrolling at a professional graduate school is ineligible to apply. However, any student who can provide a research plan is entitled to apply.
  • The enrolment period till graduation must be more than 12 months.
  • To be eligible, a student applying for the PhD programme must begin the PhD course before the age of 35. Students seeking for master’s programmes must begin their studies by the age of 30 (no exceptions).
  • The student must have a genuine desire to serve their own country as a future professional goal.
  • The student must have a thorough awareness of international friendship and goodwill, as well as attend foundation-organised events and participate in the alumni network.
  • The learner must be able to have a normal conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be held in Japanese (without exception).

Application Process:

To apply for the Honjo International Scholarship 2024-25, use the Online Application System. You must complete an online application form and upload all essential documentation. There is no need to send documents by mail. The link to the application form and the official advertisement is given below:

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