LASU Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025 Academic Session

LASU Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025 Academic Session

LASU Cut-Off Mark Announcement for 2024/2025 Academic Session

Lagos State University (LASU) has released its admission cut-off scores for the 2024/2025 session. The minimum required UTME score to apply for any undergraduate or postgraduate course at LASU is 190.

So, if you scored 190 or higher in UTME, you are eligible to seek admission to any LASU program for the upcoming academic year.

Understanding LASU Cut-Off Mark

LASU cut-off mark represents the minimum score students need to attain in both JAMB and other relevant exams (O’ levels and WAEC) to be considered eligible for admission. This criterion applies not only to LASU but also to other schools. Falling below the cut-off mark means one would be ineligible for admission.

LASU Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025 Academic Session

For the 2024/2025 academic session, the minimum UTME score required for admission into any course at Lagos State University (LASU) is 190.

How to Gain Admission into LASU

LASU, despite being a state University, boasts a rich history, pride, and quality education. It is highly regarded and often preferred as the first choice during JAMB registration. Selecting LASU as your first choice is crucial for admission eligibility.

Additionally, meeting the minimum cut-off in JAMB and achieving relevant O’level subjects in WAEC or NECO is essential. LASU does not conduct post-UTME exams but relies solely on JAMB scores and O’level results for admission consideration.

Admissions are based on two main categories: merit and catchment areas.

How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score 2024/2025

Unlike other universities, LASU does not conduct further verification exams for its applicants. They use a basic grading system to determine the final cut.

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Your prospects of success will be determined by your JAMB score and performance at the O levels. The combined score would be your cutoff.

Your JAMB score is reduced by 50%, with the remaining points going to O’ levels. 180 is the minimum mark required to be considered in good standing.

For your O’level results, this is the breakdown;

  1. A1 = 10 marks

  2. B2 = 9 marks

  3. B3 = 8 marks

  4. C4 = 7 marks

  5. C5 = 6 marks

  6. C6 = 5 marks

To calculate the aggregate score. You would divide your JAMB score by 8 and calculate the aggregate of your five compulsory O’level results. You would sum both scores together to get the final cut off.

Alright, here is a practical example.

  1. Toyin is an aspirant of Lagos State University. He had a score of 250 in JAMB with an outstanding result of 3A’s and 2B’s in O’ levels. What would be his final cut off?

JAMB Score = 250/8 = 31.25%

O’ level aggregate = 3(10)+ 2(9) = 30 + 18 = 48%

Aggregate score = 31.25 + 48 = 79.25%

That is the simple way to calculate your aggregate for LASU 2024/2025.

Gaining Admission with a Low JAMB Score

While it’s not impossible to gain admission into LASU with a lower JAMB score, it is challenging as priority is given to candidates with higher scores. LASU typically sets its cut-off mark around 180 upwards, with some level of leniency expected due to students’ performance in JAMB. However, competition for admission remains high, and it’s advisable to aim for a score above the minimum cut-off to increase chances of acceptance.