Military Spouse Scholarships

Scholarships for military spouses are financial aid options for those who are married to active-duty, reserve, or retired military personnel. These grants are intended to assist military spouses in pursuing higher education and professional advancement despite the difficulties presented by frequent moves and other particular aspects of military life.

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Here are some organizations and programs that offer military spouse scholarships:

  1. MyCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Account) Program: MyCAA is a program offered by the U.S. Department of Defense that provides eligible military spouses with financial assistance for education and training programs leading to portable careers. The program covers tuition, fees, and related expenses for eligible programs.
  2. National Military Family Association (NMFA) Scholarships: NMFA offers a variety of scholarships for military spouses, including the Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program and the Operation Purple Camp Scholarship. These scholarships support education, professional development, and camp experiences for military spouses and their children.
  3. Folds of Honor Scholarships: Folds of Honor provides scholarships to the spouses and dependents of fallen or disabled service members. They aim to ensure that the families of military heroes have access to education.
  4. ThanksUSA Scholarships: ThanksUSA offers scholarships to military spouses and children to pursue post-secondary education. The organization’s scholarships support a wide range of fields and academic pursuits.
  5. Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Scholarships: MOAA offers scholarships and interest-free loans to military spouses pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.
  6. Scholarships for Military Children Program: This program, offered by the Defense Commissary Agency, provides scholarships to eligible children and spouses of active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel.
  7. VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) “Sport Clips Help a Hero Scholarship”: While this scholarship primarily supports service members and veterans, it also offers a special scholarship for the spouses of military personnel.
  8. Veterans United Foundation Scholarships: Veterans United Foundation provides scholarships to military spouses pursuing degrees in various fields.
  9. American Military Partner Association (AMPA) Scholarships: AMPA offers scholarships to LGBTQ+ military spouses and their families.
  10. Local and State-Level Scholarships: Many local and state-level organizations, such as military support groups, veterans’ organizations, and community foundations, may offer scholarships specifically for military spouses.
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When applying for military spouse scholarships, be sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria, application requirements, deadlines, and any specific documentation needed. These scholarships can provide valuable financial assistance and support to military spouses as they work towards their educational and career goals.