UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship 2025 France (Fully Funded)

UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship 2025 For International Students:

With funding from OSI, the GEM Report Fellowship programme seeks to improve the body of knowledge about education, especially in developing nations, expand the field’s capacity for research, and strengthen the connections between theory, practice, and policy. Also apply for Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2025 In France (Fully Funded).


  • University: UNESCO.
  • Degree Level: Postdoctoral Degree.
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded.
  • Eligible nationalities: All Nationalities.
  • Country of award: France .

Deadline For Application:

The deadline for Application to apply for UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship 2025 is March 22, 2025.

Financial Benefits:

Benefits of the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM) Fellowship include the following:

  • A stipend of up to US$19,500 for the complete 11-month fellowship period, as well as reimbursement for all fellows’ travel expenses for a minimum of one month in Paris.
  • A mentor from the research team of the GEM Report. The GEM Report team will mentor and advise the fellows for three to five hours a week while they are living in Paris; this time will be reduced to two hours when the fellows are stationed in their home country.
  • A computer and desk while visiting the GEM Report team’s office in the Paris headquarters of UNESCO.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to qualify for the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM) Fellowship, candidates need to fulfil the subsequent requirements:

  • Proficiency in either of the two official languages of UNESCO, English or French, along with the ability to draft in English to a high quality, are prerequisites.
  • All nations across the world are eligible.
  • Applications for fellowships from trade organisations, governmental organisations, and educational institutions will be reviewed.
  • Applicants with doctorates, expertise in national policy-making, familiarity with quantitative research methodologies, and submission of their works is highly encouraged for publications in academic journals.
  • A graduate degree from an academic institution in a relevant discipline, such as education, sociology, economics, political science, psychology, demography, statistics, or psychometrics.
  • Shown expertise in policy analysis from a national or international agency, university, or research setting.
    a track record of successfully leading research and/or policy-related projects.
  • Having connections in the education policy community would be beneficial.
  • Knowledge of the educational systems of high-, middle-, and low-income nations.
  • Solid familiarity with and track record of using statistical methods handling large-scale survey data. It would be advantageous to have prior experience with statistical analysis software such as Mplus, R, STATA, SPSS, or SAS.
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  •  Additionally The study project should take a fresh look at a significant policy issue in connection with the next GEM Report. It should situate the work within the ongoing discourse on SDG 4, the global education objective, and provide a succinct overview of the possible contributions this study may offer to the field of education and policy formation.

Other Criteria

  • Relevance to GEM Report: An effective proposal will include a compelling explanation of how the work will advance the goals of the GEM Report:
    • Clearly state the policy questions to be answered, the policy areas of interest, and how the research will advance quality, equity, inclusion, and access in educational systems.
    • Justify the special suitability of GEM Report resources and study regions (geographical or thematic) for addressing those concerns.
    • Explain how the research relates to issues that have been recognised as monitoring concerns in prior GEM reports or to theme concerns of prospective GEM reports.
  • Data and methods: The proposal should contain details on the essential elements as well as the data that will be used to build the research study.
    • The techniques and statistics that will be applied in order to advance the project.
  • Sources: The proposal must to have an achievable timeline.
    • The duration, justifications, and anticipated advantages of doing a portion of the study project in Paris.

Application Process:

To apply for this scholarship, please take the following actions:

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